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How to Help your Patient Get a Breast Pump

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1. WIC It is a widespread misperception that WIC lends pumps only to mothers of NICU babies. This is NOT true. The WIC office has 100 pumps, and will lend them to any enrolled client on a caseby-case basis, with priority going to women who are exclusively breastfeeding their babies or who have a medical indication for formula. A doctor's note helps, but is not absolutely required. The client should call the WIC office in advance (781.4449, option #3). The mother must come to monthly WIC appointments. These pumps are clinical-grade (mostly Medela Lactina, some Ameda Elite); thus, they can withstand the rigors of long-term and frequent pumping.

2. MEDI-CAL The Medicine Shoppe in Santa Paula no longer rents pumps to Medi-Cal patients. Advanced Home Medical Inc. (800.230.4761)will provide pumps to Medi-Cal patients with a Doctor's Order Form (attached pdf document), which should be faxed to the company. These are Medela Single Deluxe pumps, which are NOT clinical-grade or near-clincial grade pumps. They are best for either short-term (weeks) or infrequent (less than daily) use.

3. VENTURA COUNTY HEALTH CARE PLAN With letters from the doctor and the lactation consultant (Marisa Montgomery), VCHCP will rent a pump through a vendor. However, VCHCP was unable to tell me which vendor or what type of pump.

4. The Mother's Guild in Ventura (805.667.2115) rents the clinical-grade Medela Lactina for $20/wk, $50/mo, $120/3 mo, $200/6 mo. The Medela Symphony (the same model as our hospital pumps) rents for $30/wk, $80/mo, $195/3 mo, or $330/6 mo. 5. On, you can buy a near-clinical grade Medela Pump In Style for $270 or a nearclinical grade Ameda Purely Yours for $160.

Jaehyun (Jimmy) Byun, MD 
PGY-3, Family Medicine Ventura County Medical Center

Ventura, CA