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Nexplanon Removal

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Nexplanon Removal Procedure Note

PRE-OP DIAGNOSIS: Nexplanon, desire for change of contraception 
PROCEDURE: Nexplanon Removal 
Performing Physician: _ 
Anesthesia: 2% Lidocaine w/ epinephrine 5 ml 
Procedure: Consent obtained. A time-out was performed prior to initiating procedure to be sure of right patient and right location. The area surrounding the Nexplanon was prepared with Choloraprep and draped in the usual sterile manner. The site was anesthetized with lidocaine. A skin incision was made over the distal aspect of the device. The capsule lysed sharply and the device removed using a hemostat. Hemostasis was assured. The site was dressed with _ Dermabond _ SteriStrips and a pressure dressing. The patient tolerated the procedure well. 

Followup: The patient tolerated the procedure well without complications. Standard post-procedure care is explained and return precautions are given. Contraception is advised until conception is desired.

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