Carmen Stellar, MD

Weill Cornell Medical College

Medicine is my family's profession, and it seems I knew I wanted to be a doctor since I came out of the womb... the question was: what kind of doctor? The answer ended up being the kind that could help most people with most of their problems, and Ventura's Family Medicine Residency is the perfect program for creating doctors of that variety. The location provided the added benefit of bringing me back to sunny Southern California, where I was born and raised. Ten years ago I ventured off to Northern California to obtain my BA in Spanish Literature and Culture and my MA in Sociology at Stanford, where I was also lucky enough to be a part of the women's swimming & diving team (on the diving side, my swimming is really only good enough to get me from the bottom of the pool back to the surface). After college and graduate school, a Fulbright grant took me to Bogotá, Colombia, where I spent the most formative year of my life interviewing street-based sex workers in the red light district about their interactions with the healthcare system. My interest in global health led me to attend medical school at Cornell, which allowed me to procure an internship in the Department of Reproductive Health and Research at the World Health Organization in Geneva in between my first and second year, and gave me the opportunity to lead the Weill Cornell Center for Human Rights: a student-run and faculty-supported clinic dedicated to providing free forensic evaluations and medico-legal affidavits to asylum seekers in the greater NYC area. After doing a bad job of pretending to tolerate winter in the Northeast for four years, I am thrilled to have returned to the land of eternal summer. 

The residency program at Ventura has been everything I hoped it would be and more. The residents, faculty, nurses, physical therapists, clinical assistants, respiratory therapists, and additional staff work together in a mutually respectful way that makes all the difference in creating a positive work environment. The program prioritizes resident learning and allows us to begin establishing our independence as primary care doctors in a supervised setting from the first day of residency. I love the patient population and the week-to-week variety in my schedule, and am constantly thrilled to find myself developing the knowledge and skills gleaned from every single one of my clerkships in medical school. I hope you have a chance to come visit us and see for yourself what it's like to live the dream! 

In my free time I enjoy cultivating a long-distance marriage (I left my husband in NYC), and testing out all the gyms/yoga studios/crossfit boxes in Ventura ... it's unclear what I will do with my time once I've run out of low cost trial memberships, but I'll keep you posted.