Cesar Soria, MD

I was born in Stockton, California but spent most of my childhood in the rural farmlands of Farmington, California. Although not the most desirable place to live, my parents settled here from Mexico because of job opportunities; they have been and continue to be farm laborers. Growing up, my parents spoke broken English, had no health insurance, and were undocumented for some time. As a result, I experienced firsthand several barriers to healthcare. All around me were people who could not afford to see a healthcare provider, people who were afraid to seek help, and worst of all, people who waited until their health got so bad that they had no other option but to go to the emergency room. I remember going to free health clinics as a child and how appreciative my family and I was of the help we received from healthcare providers who volunteered their time to help families like mine. I went to appointments with my parents and attempted to understand medical English so that I could then translate it into broken Spanish. The communication was fair at best, but this was our reality and this was our healthcare.


Working in the fields as a child, I learned very quickly that education was my ticket out of underpaid and exhausting manual labor that had no opportunity for career development. I attended UC Davis where I majored in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior. I then went on to attend UC Davis School of Medicine where I learned that I had a desire to know everything and do everything so becoming a general practitioner made sense. Moreover, I remembered the kind souls that helped my family when we were in need of healthcare, who did more than was required to help my family and I. I feel that as a general practitioner, I will have the ability to give back to the communities that need it most, while continuing to fulfill my thirst for knowledge.


On my free time I enjoy hiking, biking, dancing, volleyball, exploring nature, exercising and spending time with family. Hablo Español.