Rachel Corbin, MD

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, where I gained an appreciation of rap music and free museums. My parents are plant biologists, and from a young age, I too aspired to get a PhD in biology. I went to college at Yale, and during my senior year, I realized I wasn’t ready to commit my life to lab work, so I instead went to the rural province of Anhui, China for two years to teach English in a public high school via the Yale-China Teaching Fellowship. I learned Mandarin while I was there and taught English (and also the Cha-Cha Slide) to 200 inspiring Chinese teenagers.

By the middle of my first year in China, I had already realized that my passion for teaching and desire to work directly with individuals in underserved communities made me far more suited for family medicine than for lab work. A wonderful summer experience as a Native Health Initiative Social Justice Intern at the Pueblo of Acoma Senior Center in New Mexico confirmed that realization.

I returned home to St. Louis for med school at Washington University. The highlight of my med school experience was returning to China to conduct a qualitative research project interviewing 50 new mothers about their reasons for having either a c-section or a vaginal birth in an area where the c-section rate was upwards of 75%. It was really fascinating to spend time learning in depth about medical decision making in that particular context.

The residency application and interview process was certainly overwhelming, but my interview experience at Ventura made the choice an easy one. I just fell in love with this group of incredibly warm and supportive doctors who can really do it all.

When I am outside of the hospital, I enjoy spending time with my amazing husband, Logan. Some of our favorite pass times include jogging on the beach, taking advantage of Ventura’s many sushi happy hours, thrift shopping, oh and of course scavenging succulents to add to our collection.