Tommaso Tosini, MD

Where I come from:

Originally from Pontassieve , Italy -  just outside of Florence – my family moved to Charlottesville, Virginia when I was still very young.  Nevertheless, being born to Italian parents I was raised on a steady combination of pasta and hand gestures and am fortunate enough to still be able to speak Italian fluently.  We eventually moved further south to Atlanta, Georgia where I finished most of my schooling. First at the IB program of Campbell High School, then studying Biology and Anthropology at the University of Georgia.

While at UGA I began to develop two passions that lead me to towards medical school and beyond. One was care for the underserved, through an HIV/AIDs philanthropy that I was involved with called UGA HEROs. The next was a passion for traveling, specifically getting to see how through medicine you could be allowed authentic glimpses into cultures different than your own.  During college I was also fortunate enough to work in lab doing Ophthalmology research at the University of Oxford in the UK.  Getting to see the cutting edge advancements in medicine first hand really made me even more excited to pursue a career in healthcare.

My time at the Medical College of Georgia:

Spending a majority of my time at our partnership campus in Athens, GA, which had a primary care focus, I gained an increasing appreciation for the change you can make in patient’s health through relationships, communication and trust.  In our increasingly specialized, technical world,  I saw my place being a promoter of health. An advocate for those who get sucked into lifestyles of poor food, poor living situations, and poor habits; which unfortunately all add up to poor health.  I got involved in a few different community organizations with different focuses such as  1.) helping improve physical activity in children,  2.) improving nutrition in Hispanic populations, and 3.) increasing mental health access for musicians.  Someday I would like to be part of a full spectrum clinic that spearheads similar type interventions and fosters wellness throughout my community.  

I could see this mentality most obviously in the specialty of Family Medicine.  After looking through programs across the country, Ventura quickly came to the top of my list for it’s very well rounded training, mission to serve the most vulnerable and underserved parts of our society and truly warm and welcoming community.  A few months into my training I couldn’t be happier about my decision  =)

A little bit about who I am:

Besides Italian, I also speak Spanish (almost) fluently.  I had plenty of opportunity to practice while studying Disaster Management at the University of Oviedo in Spain for a year.  I enjoy most outdoor adventures. Some of my most memorable include camping in the Himalayas and climbing up snow and ice on Mt. Rainier. Since moving to Ventura I’ve tried to pick up surfing as well... it turns out to be both more fun and more difficult that I expected!  My favorite soccer team is ACF Fiorentina and I will gladly teach you some cheers. And finally, I’m kind of a foodie, cooking and good food are a very important part of my life - hope I get a chance to share with you sometime.