Christopher Warren, DO

Christopher Warren, DO - Touro University COM

I grew up with neither the expectation nor the intention to enter medicine.  My interest was the mountains, skiing, the rivers wild. As an undergraduate in biology at UCDavis I sat in on a guest lecture that integrated the idea of body, mind and spirit.  It emphasized the capability of the body to heal itself through optimizing the body’s structure to improve function.  In that moment, with a shudder, the career of osteopathy was before me. Yet, my dreams of the mountains stayed with me through medical school and are with me still. They have never waned; they have matured.  I feel now that I could be most useful in a rural area as a Country Doc. As a Family Medicine Resident at this prestigious Ventura hospital, I'm enjoying a carefully-considered, full-spectrum training that will work well for me to fulfill my goals. This county is beautiful and I have come to sincerely appreciate the patients whom I have met. I hope to share my passion for a lifelong journey of health with many, many more fine people - one day in a rural setting.