Jennifer Nomides, MD - Honduras

A baby delivered by Dr. Nomides A baby delivered by Dr. Nomides

For three weeks in August 2014, my last month of residency, I left my sweet two year old daughter with my parents so that I could serve at Loma de Luz Hospital in Honduras with the help of FMED funds. During that time, I was able to practice full spectrum family medicine, help a population that truly is underserved and provide some relief for those physicians who are there full time.


During the week, Monday through Friday, I spent the mornings into the early afternoons seeing patients in a primary care clinic at the hospital. This certainly stretched the limits of my language skills and I put “google translate” to good use. I was on call nearly every other day. Fortunately Loma de Luz is not an unreasonably busy hospital so this schedule was feasible for a short period of time anyway. On the days I was on call, I saw patients who came into the emergency department and admitted them to the hospital if necessary. Knowing that I wanted as much obstetrical experience as possible, one of my attending physicians and I stayed on call together for OB basically the whole time I was there. Together we did three C-sections, one of which was twins. This required some late nights and early mornings but was completely worth it. I was able to deliver a couple of babies vaginally as well. I also was in charge of taking care of anyone I admitted to the hospital, including a patient with Dengue fever, something I had never seen before. I was able to put my wound care skills to the test and we did a great deal of ultrasound in addition to many other bedside surgical procedures.

I have gotten the opportunity to work all over the world but I have to say I’m particularly grateful for my experience in Honduras as the work that they are doing at Loma de Luz is pretty special. I was really impressed by what they have been able to accomplish and the quality of care provided in this very resource poor setting. I would definitely love to return.

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