Outpatient Antibiotic Therapy Policy


For Infectious Disease Patients at VCMC and SPH

Not all discharged patients on IV antibiotics are ID patients that need follow up at MSCW or Las Islas Clinics. This entire process is for approved ID OPAT patients only as determined by inpatient ID physician. However, the OPAT template can still be used for any/all patients getting discharged on IV antibiotics regardless of ID follow up plans.
Download the OPAT Policies & Procedures at the top of the page.

Instructions for Physicians
  1. Inpatient ID Consultant determines if patient is appropriate for OPAT, to be seen in ID clinic at MSCW.
  2. ID Physician will instruct discharging medical team how to request an appointment before discharge either via cerner message or by phone (652-6222).
  3. Please do NOT make an appointment without first discussing with ID Physician
  4. Prior to discharge, discharging teams will fill out OPAT note in cerner. Ensure ALL fields completed including:
    1. name dose and frequency of antibiotic
    2. start/end date
    3. monitoring labs every Monday (CBCD, CMP, ESR, CRP)
    4. additional labs if needed based on specific abx (vancomycin, daptomycin, etc)
    5. clinic fax number 805-652-6221
    6. which pharmacy will be used (Select Option care OR Infusion Rx, NOT BOTH)
    7. date & time of ID Clinic appointment, and name of ID Physician
    8. SNF name
  5. Enter weekly lab orders into Cerner as a FUTURE order under current hospital encounter (regardless of where patient is being discharged to)
  6. Please do not sign OPAT form until plan is finalized.
  7. Create NEW OPAT form if any changes are made (clinic appointment, change or new antibiotic, home vs SNF, etc)
  8. Forward OPAT form to clinic case manager
  9. Prior to discharge, ensure transportation to ID clinic appointment is arranged by case management if patient going to SNF.
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