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Our County of Ventura Board of Supervisors and Health Care Agency leadership understand and value residency training as it contributes to providing and maintaining cost effective health care to the citizens of our community. This is reflected in our competitive salaries and generous compensation for CME and textbook allowance.  We are thankful to have such an excellent working relationship with our leadership body, as they have supported the growth of our full-time academic faculty to enhance the education of our expanding residency and fellowship programs. In these uncertain economic times, it is reassuring to know we are supported by leadership who will ensure that our program continues to be positioned competitively with respect to recruitment and retention while maintaining the overall vision for the provision of health care for the underserved.


Annual Salary (effective Jun 2023)

First Year (PGY-1): $66,085

Second Year (PGY-2): $69,549

Third-Year (PGY-3): $73,061

Chief Residents (PGY-3): $77,359


Vacation: Resident Physicians are entitled to four weeks of vacation during each year of training. Vacations are built into block schedules during certain rotations.  Requests for specific time off can be accommodated through an equitable system among the residents.

Meals: All meals are furnished free to the House Staff seven days a week. Meals for the resident's families are furnished by the hospital when the resident is on call. There is a fresh salad bar, grill, hot items and a variety of drinks and desserts.

Health care: health insurance plan is available for each resident and their immediate family members. Any uncovered medical expenses incurred at VCMC, which are in excess of that provided by the health plan, are not collected from the resident or his or her family. The insurance plan will cover care outside of VCMC with standard managed care requirements, deductibles and co-payments. Alternatively, the resident may also choose a private HMO or PPO plan.

Licensure: Application fees related to medical licensure will be reimbursed through the County of Ventura

Educational leave and book allowance: $1,500 is available to each resident per year, to reimburse medical education conference expenses or to purchase medical textbooks, subscriptions or software.

Professional liability coverage: Resident physicians are insured against malpractice claims by the County of Ventura at no cost to the resident.

Disability and life insurance: Disability and life insurance plans are made available through the County of Ventura at no charge to each resident.

Professional memberships: $150 is available annually to reimburse each resident for dues paid to approved professional organizations.

Uniforms: The Hospital will furnish white coats, surgical and special service uniforms, as required. Uniform laundry is furnished.

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