Anne Akhimien.jpg


Hi, I’m…

Anne Akhimien

My pronouns are


Place(s) I call Home:

Home is a few diff places for me..! Columbus, OH; Indianapolis, IN; Boston, MA; born in Kano, Nigeria but my family is from Edo State.

Educational Background:

I started undergrad at a small school in Charleston, SC: Charleston Southern University, and finished at Howard University an HBCU in Washington, D.C.!

I've previously worked as a...

Research Associate

Why I'm at VCMC:

I ranked VCMC because I knew it was a place where I could keep up with and utilize many of the skills you learn and begin to develop in medical school. The opportunities our program offers within each of our rotations is unrivaled. We are able to learn more about and work within different specialties as we train to be great Family Med docs. It gives more understanding to the patient's health as a whole. This means seeing patients in the ED, the OR, OB and other clinics, and then continuing to follow within our Resident clinic. My co-residents and classmates are support throughout this process as we grow and learn together.  Also, the weather is a huge plus :)

Things that matter to me:

Health equity, global health, obgyn, traveling..

I enjoy...

I like to eat - all kinds of food. I enjoy moving in general - in which I prefer dancing out loud to some of my favorite music! But also going on walks in parks and on the beach (classic). I'd like to get into skating/rollerblading and biking as well. Oh and I enjoy playing tennis and played in college!

One random fact about me:


Ask me about ___ at VCMC:

being an Intern; time we get to spend with our classmates.

My Spirit Animal is:

a deer, apparently, haha

In the future, I want to...

​be as resourceful, proactive, and advocating as I can be as a Family Med Physician for my patients.

The best piece of advice I've ever gotten is...

Never give up. Trust yourself; trust the process.