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The Academic Family Medicine Center

The Academic Family Medicine Center (AFMC) is the continuity clinic of the Ventura County Medical Center's Family Medicine Residency Program. It is the home clinic for our 40+ resident physicians and the family physicians who comprise the core faculty of the residency program.  It is a part of the Ventura County Health Care Agency's Ambulatory Care network of clinics.

Our residents and teaching faculty provide personal, high quality, evidence-based primary care for chronic medical conditions, acute problems, health maintenance, and prenatal care. AFMC physicians typically follow pregnant patients throughout their prenatal course, deliver the baby, and care for both mother and baby in the postpartum period and beyond.

The clinic is conveniently located adjacent to the Ventura County Medical Center main campus. Ventura residents and faculty also staff the AFMC Urgent Care on the building's first floor to provide same-day access for patients.  All major insurances, Medi-care, Medi-Cal, Gold Coast Health Plan, VCHCP, and a self-pay discount program are all accepted.

We see all patients, regardless of ability to pay.  We are passionate about caring for the marginalized.

The 2022 self-reported race/ethnicity composition of our patients was:

  • 38% White

  • 37% Latinx

  • 19% Other

  • 4% Asian

  • 2% Black. 

The 2022 payor source composition of AFMC patients was:

  • 53% Medi-Cal, 

  • 27% HMO/PPO (primarily Ventura County Health Care Plan and Covered California plans)

  • 14% MediCare

  • 4% Self Pay discount

  • 2% Other.

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Come see a Ventura Family Physician

AFMC Primary Care Clinic 
300 Hillmont Ave
Building 340, Suite 201
Ventura, CA 93003
Tel: 805-652-6100

AFMC Urgent Care 
300 Hillmont Ave
Building 340, Suite 101
Ventura, CA 93003
Tel: 805-652-6500

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