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Integrated network of primary and specialty care clinics.

The Ambulatory Care Department, with its satellite and campus clinics, serves as a major source of outpatient health care for the county's indigent population, and for county residents who do not have access to private physicians. The department provides a wide range of outpatient comprehensive prenatal services, gynecological care, family planning, pediatrics, well-child checkups, surgical services, orthopedics and adult medicine. The goal of the department is to ensure that high quality outpatient care is provided to all patients needing services, regardless of race, creed, color or economic status, and to treat each patient with kindness, consideration and understanding.

The physicians and staff of the Ambulatory Care Department delivers high quality primary medical care at the local community level. Patients receive routine checkups, immunizations, treatment for common acute illnesses, treatment of minor injuries, early detection and treatment of common chronic conditions associated with aging, minor surgery procedures, prenatal care and pregnancy care before and after childbirth, family planning service, counseling on health matters, and screening for referral to specialized medical services.

Patients referred to specialist within our system generally are seen in our new specialty center adjacent to the hospital. Specialist physicians, often affiliated with the UCLA School of Medicine, provide high-complexity care in collaboration with the primary care physician.  A full range of specialty services are offered.

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