Endotracheal Intubation Procedure Note

ATTENDING PHYSICIAN: _.  In Attendance (Y/N)_
Consent was obtained from _ prior to the procedure. Indications, risks, and benefits were explained at length. 


A time out was performed. My hands were washed immediately prior to the procedure. I wore a surgical cap, mask with protective eyewear, gown and gloves throughout the procedure. The patient was placed on a cardiac monitor including continuous pulse oximetry. Rapid Sequence Intubation was conducted. The patient received _mg of _ for induction and _mg of _ for adequate paralysis. Cricoid pressure was maintained from time induction agent was given to time of cuff balloon inflation. Using a _ laryngoscope and a size _ endotracheal tube with stylet, the patient was intubated on the _ attempt. The stylet was removed and cuff balloon was inflated. Appropriate endotracheal tube position was confirmed by direct visualization of vocal cord passage, fogging of the tube, CO2 colometric indicator and symmetric breath sounds. The tube was secured at _ cm at the lips. Post intubation chest x-ray is pending at this time.



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