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Autotext Dot Phrases for Cerner EHR

All templates, "autotexts", procedure notes, and other documents on these pages are intended as examples only for educational purposes.  Your documentation in the medical record should always reflect precisely your specific interaction with an individual patient.  Do not merely copy and paste a prewritten note element into a patient's chart - "cloning" is unethical, unsafe, and potentially fradulent.

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Nexplanon Consent

The failure rate of 0.05% (1 in 2000), risks, options, benefits and alternatives of the procedure were discussed including but not limited to: 1.) Bleeding, sometimes persisting for days after the procedure 2.) Pain associated with the surgery or the healing process 3.) Excessive scarring after the procedure 4.) Rare, unusual reactions, including possible death, from any surgical procedure.

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Vasectomy Consent

The patient has been counseled on the procedure as well as risks, benefits, and alternatives. The procedure is considered irreversible and if they desire it to be reversed, it will require a much mo

Exam: Well Woman

Gen: NAD, age appropriate. Lymph: No cervical, supraclavicular, axillary lymphadenopathy Endo: Normal thyroid Breast: Normal breast tissue. Normal nipple. Normal contour. Absent peau d'orange. CVS: RR


WWE: _ yo F G_P_ Menarche _ 1. Pap: Last pap: _ Abnormal pap: _ Menses: _ Vaginal complaints: 2. Breast: Last mammo: _ Abnormal mammo: _ Lumps: _ Discharge: _ Family hx breast cancer: _ 3. Bone:

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