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CHDP Required Elements

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Dental assessment performed: No problem suspected, no referral needed
Nutritional Assessment Performed: No problem suspected, no referral needed
Age appropriate anticipatory guidance was reviewed: No problem suspected
Age appropriate developmental assessment was performed: No problem suspected
Age appropriate vision and hearing assessed: No problem suspected
Age appropriate Hgb and Hct assessed: No intervention needed
Lead exposure evaluated: No problem suspected
Urinalysis: No problem suspected
TB risk assessed: No need for intervention
BMI Percentile: _
-  Second hand smoke exposure: Yes [_] No [_]
- The patient uses tobacco: Yes [_] No [_]
- The patient/parent was counseled about risks of tobacco use: Yes [_] No [_]
The patient is enrolled in WIC: : Yes [_] No [_]
- If yes, Ht. Wt. and Hgb and Hct checked
Vaccines: Vaccination status was evaluated.  Age appropriate vaccines were recommended as follows: _
Follow Up is recommended in _.
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